Below is a variety of commercial, corporate and theatrical work from my film portfolio.

Scroll down for index on each of the 17 projects shown and the roles I played in achieving them. 

If you have any questions, there is a contact form at bottom of this page.

Luxli Brand - Director /Dir. of Photography

MLB Post Season - 2nd unit  D. of Photography

"Rolex" - Director / Dir. of Photography

Ultra Male - Director / Dir. of Photography

DIA - Writer / Director

Throne Kingdom - Director / Dir. of Photography

Courageous - Director of Photography

BARD Center - Dir. of Photography

FRED - Writer / Director

Ill Mind of Hopsin 7 - Jib Operator

Brookstone - Director / Dir. of Photography

Free Gernie - Director / Dir. of Photography

RC tank Campaign - Writer / Director

Music Video - Writer / Director

Horatio in the Wind - Writer/ Director/ Producer

I enjoy shooting beautiful weddings and certain ceremonial events, and I select between 1 and 3 to capture each month. Contact me below if interested.