You are in pain, you are sad over the loss of a loved one.

You have intrusive thoughts about death and losing other members of your family. Sometimes the anxiety is so intense you are unable to leave your home, or even your bed! You have negative thought spirals about death and dying at least a couple times a day.

Maybe your loved one passed over a year ago but it still feels like it was only yesterday. You are unable to grieve and move on. You don’t have to suffer longer than it is normal.

This book offers an instant shift in your perspective on death and dying. Feel an expanding sense of relief as soon as you read it. Experience catharsis and start to heal after your loss.

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This isn’t a manual, or a course, it is a tool hidden in a beautiful short story, designed to ease pain. You can read it in under 20 minutes. It comes illustrated, so even your children will connect with it. Counselors can use it in group settings. Families can come together in the grief process after the loss of a loved one.

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“But why would I read a picture book?!” “This is for kids!” No! The book connects us to our inner child, it is not just a book for kids. It is a tool for everyone, and quite an effective one at that! Give it a try! It’s a 20 minute read, for under 20 dollars. That’s less than a dollar per minute, what have you got to lose?! Get the book, experience the catharsis it brings, don't cut yourself short. Release the fear of death and dying.